SilaSphere, drawn from the Greenlandic word ‘sila,’ which translates into ‘that which is outside—the air, the weather, or human consciousness,’ is an installation and an ongoing development of a web-based multimedia platform. In collaboration with artist/designer Genevieve Hoffman, Clarke designed a lab-like ‘shelf’ that highlights the stories and sounds that buttress the data and maps of the earth’s geoclimatic record trapped within ice cores. Printed data, ice maps and other imagery of research are placed alongside the personal and natural narratives of the landscape that play out in sound. While an ‘ice core’ video resonates ice like tones. The website being developed in collaboration with Greenlandic scientists and anthropologists will encapsulate various narratives that tell the story of climate change in Greenland, in a WebGL platform that allows viewers to navigate a virtual environment that holds scientific research, data visualizations and sound.