Cities are natural spanned three site-specific installations, beginning with Stream Art Space in Bushwick, to a residency at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, and then culminating at another residency on Governors Island. Clarke created immersive and responsive installations, using architectural and sonic data collected from the respective neighborhoods. The installations incorporated glass, laser cut paper, reactive and interactive video and sound reflecting the urban and natural environment with speculative elements. Clarke and designer/artist Sue Ngo collaborated on the laser cut paper for Reverse art Space. For the Pioneer Works iteration, Clarke collaborated with Monica Mirabile of Fluct dance company who choreographed B.A.S.I.C., a new gaming system that used the body, brain function, and nervous system as a source of power. The dance performers interacted with Clarke's structures and the ethereal music, engaging the architecture of the building, as well as the audience. The piece was also accompanied by sound acts from UMFANG, Volvox, WETWARE, and Clarke. Throughout the event, Sarah Rothberg presented a multichannel 3D interactive environment on a large stretch of wall, that collaborated with Clarke’s data-based video work. Clarke then brought remains of those iterations to Governors Island where she merged the three-dimensional space of the room with speculative three-dimensional renders that blurred the lines between the natural (water), architecture and urban aspects of the city.