Melissa F. Clarke is a Brooklyn based interdisciplinary artist whose work often employs generative and interactive custom-programmed environments. In much of her work she combines research and data into multimedia installations, interactive web pieces, generative video and sound sculptures, performances and printed work. Since 2009 Clarke has been working with bathymetric and other geophysical data sets studying glaciers and the under water landscapes they shaped. Past processes have included computer vision and generative algorithms to composite and extract layered data sets over time revealing otherworldly scenes depicting both deep time and speculative futures. Other projects have included research and data on subjects such as the tenth amendment, nano-physical data and info security data. Clarke was recently an artist in residence with The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon , and was an artist in residence with Clock Tower at Pioneer Works, Visible Future Labs and Simon’s Center for Geometry and Physics. Clarke has exhibited her multimedia work at spaces such as: Knockdown Center, Pioneer Works, the Interactive Art Fair, Eyebeam, Issue Project Room, and with the Queens Museum. Her work has been featured by Art F City, Creators Project, L Magazine, Art in America, and with publications such as Art 21 and Impose Magazine. Melissa has been a lecturing professor at SUNY Stony Brook University and NYU, teaching interactive art, computational art, web art and art & technology. She is also the co-founder of a platform that creates data driven art.