is a collective focusing on multiple forms of design and art with computational underpinnings. codes also functions as a platform for open source distribution and creative sharing— where artists, designers and engineers share articles, frameworks, techniques, and code. Founded by Margaret Schedel and Melissa F. Clarke, both interdisciplinary creatives with a strong interest in community and education, was recently commissioned by Brookhaven’s Center for Functional Nanomaterials. Other notable commissions include hacek for O’Reilly media and. From 2017-2018 was a member of New Inc at the New Museum. In addition to the creative direction upon each art and design project arts has done, Clarke is integral to the curation of each web based journal, and oversees the design of each web based iteration that accompanies a theme and respective articles. She also conducts many of the interviews with the artists and designers published in the journal. Clarke is currently working on the fourth iteration of the journal which will be focused on machine learning and neural networks.